he Voodoo Code Red E4 Indoor Field Hockey Stick has been a consistent top-selling stick in the Voodoo arsenal since 2007. Both our indoor and outdoor models have been #1 sellers in the US. Originally introduced to the market as a high-end introductory stick to the Elite Range, this power packed weapon has since reached cult status in the field hockey community around the world. While featuring the same ultra premium lay-up as you find throughout the E4 Outdoor Range, the Code Red’s customary mid-to-low curve profile ensures superior ball control through a higher balance-point, for execution of skills at blazing speeds. The Code Red E4 Indoor traditionally has a lighter head which simply means a quicker head speed and sharper skills under pressure. This cult classic again brings a mind numbing power-to-weight ratio that will take your indoor game to the next level, regardless of the position you play.


Stick Specifications:

CURVE: 24.5mm (MB Mid-bow)
POWER RATING: 9+ (Blazing)

Standard Features: Soft Touch, Custom Sleeve of Twaron Aramide for superior power/control ratio.  Patented Supa Light, twin channel construction.  Double Kevlar, and double layer of Twaron Aramide added to the hook of the stick, significantly reduces wear

Voodoo Code Red E4 Indoor Field Hockey Stick

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