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Designed for young players who are eager to improve their hitting skills and ball control. As a responsive junior stick, it allows young athletes to compete with confidence against more experienced players, making it an ideal choice for those looking to enhance their performance and progress in the sport.


The VOODOO Academy Nero VXJR has been tailored specifically for young players aspiring to execute hitting the ball like professionals and improve their ball control. The Academy is designed with young players in mind, making it suitable for junior athletes who are keen on refining their skills and developing their game.


Hitting Execution: The stick is crafted to help young players improve their hitting techniques and replicate the skills of professional players. This feature is crucial for aspiring athletes looking to elevate their game to a more advanced level.


Great Ball Control: The Academy stick emphasizes ball control, allowing young players to develop their ability to handle the ball with precision and finesse. Enhanced ball control is fundamental for young athletes looking to progress in the sport.


Responsive Junior Stick: As a responsive junior stick, the Academy enables young players to compete effectively with and against more experienced players. The stick's responsiveness helps junior athletes keep up with the game's pace and challenges.

VOODOO Academy Nero VXJR Field Hockey Stick

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