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he Voodoo Paradox Indoor Field Hockey Stick is a new addition to Vooodo's indoor line which is added due to the success of its outdoor partner.  The Voodoo Paradox E4 was a bestseller this year for the outdoor range so we are expecting these to sell out fast this season! With just a fraction less carbon that our deadly E4 Unlimited the Voodoo Paradox E4 Indoor Stick is sure to keep dominate the court this winter season!  Great for all positions, with  superior ball control while not giving up any power with its 60% carbon composition. This twig is sure to impress!


***please note these custom colours were custom-made for Voodoo America. You won't see anyone else on the court with the same stick unless purchased here.


Stick Specifications:

CURVE: 24.5mm (MB Mid-bow)

Standard Features: Soft Touch, Custom Sleeve of Twaron Aramide for superior power/control ratio.  Patented Supa Light, twin channel construction.  Double Kevlar, and double layer of Twaron Aramide added to the hook of the stick, significantly reduces wear

Voodoo Paradox E4 Indoor Field Hockey Stick

$119.99 Regular Price
$79.99Sale Price
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