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The VOODOO Banana TT VSB field hockey stick is a highly attractive option for players looking to step into the ELITE range of field hockey sticks. The Banana provides access to the ELITE range of field hockey sticks, indicating that it offers advanced features and performance typically found in higher-end sticks. This means players can experience the benefits of using a top-tier stick without the need to invest in the most expensive options.


The VOODOO Banana TT is a well-balanced and appealing field hockey stick, offering players the chance to experience ELITE-level performance without compromising on budget. The lighter head contributes to improved stick handling, while the stick's overall design promises durability and strength. For players seeking an affordable option to elevate their game, the Banana seems like an excellent choice.


The VOODOO Banana TT is a legendary and evolved field hockey stick that caters to modern playing styles and pushes boundaries with its #DefyConvention approach.


VSB24.0 (Standard Bow): This shape typically features a standard bow, providing a balanced performance suitable for all-around play.

Bow: VOODOO Mid Curve
Curve Position: 250 mm
Max Curve: 24 mm


Carbon Computation: 80
Targeted Weight: 515gr 
Balance Point: 400mm


Key Features / Stick Tech:

High Balance Point: The VOODOO Banana boasts a high balance point, which indicates that the stick's weight is distributed more towards the head. This construction allows for quicker head speed, enabling players to execute faster and more precise skills even under pressure. A higher balance point is often favored by players who prioritize agility and quick stick movements. Elite Construction: The Banana is built with high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, enhancing its overall performance and durability.


It has been designed to embrace the modern playing style, making it a suitable choice for players who want to push their limits and defy conventional approaches to the game. The stick's high balance point enhances the stick handling and maneuverability, allowing players to showcase their skills effectively even in high-pressure situations.


The VOODOO Banana is a top-of-the-line field hockey stick that combines innovation, responsiveness, and versatility, making it a popular choice among players looking to elevate their performance on the field.

VOOODO Banana TT VSB Field Hockey Stick

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