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The VOODOO Mojo 10 TT field hockey stick is a great choice for players looking to learn and progress in the sport of field hockey. With its focus on fun learning, ball control, and natural hitting movements, it can help players develop their skills and become more confident on the field. The forgiving nature of the stick further enhances the learning experience, making the Mojo 10 an ideal option for players in their hockey journey.


Specifically designed to be friendly for players in their progression and learning journey, the Mojo 10 TT has been crafted to facilitate fun learning and skill development for players. Its design allows players to improve their ball control, sharpen their skills, and develop natural hitting movements with ease.


The Mojo 10 TT is described as forgiving, which means it provides a level of tolerance for minor mistakes made by players, allowing for a smoother development process. This feature can be especially beneficial for beginners and those in the early stages of learning the sport. 

VSB24.0 (Standard Bow): This shape typically features a standard bow, providing a balanced performance suitable for all-around play.

Bow: VOODOO Mid Curve
Curve Position: 250 mm
Max Curve: 24 mm


Carbon Computation: 20
Targeted Weight: 500gr 
Balance Point: 400mm

VOOODO Mojo 10 TT VSB Field Hockey Stick

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