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A well-balanced field hockey stick that encourages skill development while still delivering a great level of performance. It is designed to cater to lower-level players who want to improve their game and execute basic skills with better control and precision. The Mojo 25 seems like a suitable option for players looking to find their mojo and progress in their field hockey journey.


The MOJO TT VSB 25 features a smooth feel and modulate power. Built from high strength and lightweight composite materials, the MOJO 25 E5 offers a high strength in impact areas with a light feel for developing players. The KSF technology assists in absorbing the impact while increasing control on the ball.

VSB24.0 (Standard Bow): This shape typically features a standard bow, providing a balanced performance suitable for all-around play.

Bow: VOODOO Mid Curve
Curve Position: 250 mm
Max Curve: 24 mm


Carbon Computation: 30
Targeted Weight: 515gr 
Balance Point: 400mm

VOOODO Mojo 25 TT VSB Field Hockey Stick

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