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VOOODO Mojo E5 Field Hockey Stick
The MOJO E5 offers a playful, effortless and forgiving hockey stick to suit intermediate and experienced players. The KSF technology helps the stick to absorb vibrations while increasing the touch and control. A perfect blend of response and forgiveness for effortless progression. 
Built from high strength and lightweight composite materials, the MOJO E5 offers a high strength in impact areas with a light feel for developing players. The KSF technology assists in absorbing the impact while increasing control on the ball. 
Composition: Fibreglass & Kevlar
Responsive Resin Technology
Kevlar Soft Feel Technology

Targeted Weight: 530gr 
Balance Point: 390mm
VSB 24.0 - Mid Curve
Curve Position: 300 mm
Max Curve: 24 mm

Kevlar Soft Feel Technology (KSF Tech) - The Stick lay-up is compelted with a perfectly fitted film of ultra smooth Kevlar - used to absorb vibration and increase feel and control
Dual Aramid Technology (DA Tech) Double Kevlar reinforcement to maximise the impact diffusion for a smoother feel
Responsive Resine Technology (RR Tech) This Resin maximise the strength in the stick laminate for a super responsive feel.
Carbon Weave Laminate (CW Laminate) The CW Laminate provide extra strength with a light feel and high balance point for sharper skills
Supa Lite Core (SLC) Supa Lite Core delivers the lightest and most responsive stick on the market for the high quality skills and lethal hitting power.
Feather Weight (FW) Using Premium high strength and lightweight materials in a dual core chamber system to give a high power to weight ratio performance with light feel guaranteed
Carbon Computation (CC) CC is an indicative amount of composite fibres used to achieve the sticks stiffness. The higher the CARBON COMPUTATION the stiffer the stick.

VOOODO Mojo E5 Field Hockey Stick

$179.99 Regular Price
$49.99Sale Price
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